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How to set up Email Capture Popup?

Email Capture Popup

An email capture Popup will help you capture the emails of your users. You can inform the users about upcoming sales, discounts, and more information by acquiring emails.

Step1 Navigate to Capture Emails > Email Capture Popup

Now understand how to enable the capture bar

Steps to set up email capture bar

Step 2 How would you like to collect emails? Offer Discount or Subscribe to List
Lets click on "Offer Discount" and click Create

Click through left hand side bar.
Set Trigger
Select Template
Select Layout
Select Hero image, if you like to change and upload your own.
Change Heading
Personalize the Description
Update the countdown
Update the Discount
Update "Form", your store contact details.
*Avail Button" is accept button, you can customize it to any phrase. in this example, we have "Get Your Offer!"
*After Submit" update this to provide couple code and update the description.
*Other Settings" will let you select the countries where you want to show this offer, you can select all countries or select list of countries.

Note Don't forget to click on the "Save and publish" button

Step 3 once the campaign is live, you can see the analytics here.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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