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How to Set Up Agree to Terms & Conditions Checkbox ?

An Agree to terms and conditions checkbox is a way of protecting your business by requiring that users acknowledge the rules they must follow when using your services.

Let’s understand how you can enable Agree to Terms & Conditions Checkbox app in your store!

Follow the below-given steps to set agree to the Terms & Conditions checkbox 👇

Go to the Protect store section and then click on to Agree to terms & conditions app or simply Search for Agree to Terms & Conditions checkbox from the dashboard in the “Search” box.

After tapping on the app make sure to enable the app by clicking on the shown button.

You can also enable this app for Europe users only by simply scrolling down in the app and clicking on the given option(have a look on below-attached screenshot)

Once the app is enabled you can make changes like changes in color and text, adding links to your privacy policy, and much more.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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