How to Find an Order ID in shopify?

Order Id

Order ID is the unique numeric id assigned to every order. Each order has its own Order Id. This id is used by both the store owner and the Buyer.
For Example

Finding an Order ID in Shopify

Finding an Order ID is not a difficult task. Just follow a few steps and you can retrieve the order ID for any order

Steps to find Shopify Order ID

Step 1 Go to Orders from your Shopify Admin

Step2- Then click on Order Number

Step 3 After clicking on the Order number, a new screen will appear. At the very last Of the URL, you will obtain the Order Id (Have a look at the below-attached screenshot)

Here 4319644287018 is the Order ID

By simply following the above steps you can find Order Id for any specific order.

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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